Tips about NYC’s "Vision Zero" 25-Miles-Per-Hour Speed Limit


Tips about NYC’s "Vision Zero" 25-Miles-Per-Hour Speed Limit

NYC’s Vision Zero Impact:

In 2014, the DeBlasio administration rolled out the Vision Zero Action Plan for New York City. Vision Zero takes an aggressive, multi-pronged approach to reducing pedestrian traffic injuries and deaths through public dialogue & education, law enforcement, street design, and legislation. In particular, fines and penalties are increasing, other penalties have become more severe, and the likelihood of receiving a traffic citation has increased dramatically.

NYC has a traffic ticket conviction rate of about 60% and higher. Although the odds are not favorable, they do indicate that you can get a ticket dismissed. A New York Traffic Ticket Lawyer who specializes in Vision Zero Tickets, such as New York Speeding Tickets, NYC Turning Violation Tickets, failure to yield to pedestrian tickets in New York will be an ideal advocate.

Experienced NY Traffic Attorneys know the law and procedures, and, most importantly, how the traffic court system in New York can be made to work in your favor.

Drivers can represent themselves, but dismissals are often achieved over technical details that drivers might never know or understand. If you want to speak with a 5 star rated NYC Traffic Lawyer right away, reach out to Waxman & Beer in Cedarhurst, NY at 212-269-3988.

Impact of High Traffic Enforcement

Drivers need to be aware of the increased enforcement and the costs associated with conviction on a traffic charge. The Vision Zero program has lowered the speed limit across the city, increased the number of slow zones, and installed hundreds of traffic and red light cameras, all providing more opportunities to issue traffic violations.

For 2016, 60% of all traffic citations were Vision Zero hazardous driving violations. The numbers are compelling. The NYPD issued:

  • Over 137,000 speeding tickets, a 78% increase since 2011
  • 42,000 tickets for failure to yield in a crosswalk, a 243% increase since 2011
  • 1,900 tickets and 39 arrests for drivers that hit a pedestrian or cyclist in violation of Right of Way laws

Success At a High Cost

Vision Zero has seen promising numbers in the reduction in pedestrian injury and death. In its recent report, the DeBlasio administration boasts significant success in stepping up enforcement.

The chart below illustrates the marked increase in summonses issued since the inception of the program.

The level of aggressive enforcement has created a greater need for a New York City traffic attorney to represent drivers in hearings to ensure they are treated fairly under the new program. The complexities of these costs are not always evident, and drivers issued citations need to be aware of their rights before pleading guilty to a New York traffic ticket.

The Rising Cost of New York City Traffic Violations

For an experienced traffic lawyer in NYC, these numbers are not surprising. The volume of drivers seeking a New York traffic attorney has increased, and for drivers who need to fight a speeding ticket in NYC, the stakes are high.

Speeding Tickets in New York City

Under Article 30, Section 1180-1 of the New York State Vehicle & Traffic Laws, the fine for speeding violations starts from the first mile over the speed limit.

Speeding Tickets in New York City Graph   Note: NYC TVB does not impose jail time.  Data Source:  NYS VTL, Article 30 §1180-1

Speeding Tickets in New York City Graph

Note: NYC TVB does not impose jail time.

Data Source: NYS VTL, Article 30 §1180-1

The Vision Zero program is seeking ways to increase these fines.

Failure to Yield

As part of the Vision Zero program, the New York City Administrative Code was amended to include Local Law No. 29 of 2014 entitled “Right of Way.” Under this law, drivers convicted of failing to yield to pedestrians or cyclists are subjected to a fine up to $100. If the pedestrian or cyclist is injured, the fine increases to $250, in addition to any other fees or penalties for committing a misdemeanor.

With the 234% rise in tickets written for failure to yield, drivers are in need of an NYC traffic lawyer more often if they need to fight a traffic violation.

Help with NYC Tickets for Improper Turns

New York City Vehicle & Traffic Law, Article 28, codifies a number of improper and illegal turns for which drivers can be cited under the Vision Zero initiative. Improper turns are one the most often cited traffic violations in New York City, particularly Manhattan.

  • Failing to remain on the edge of the road

  • Turning when prohibited by a sign or marked lane

  • Making a prohibited u-turn

  • Unsafe turns

  • Lane changes

  • Failing to signal a turn

Fines and penalties for improper turns vary between $0 and $150, plus applicable fees or surcharges. The 40% increase in citations for these violations make it increasingly harder to fight a traffic citation without an NYC traffic attorney.

"How many points on license will I get in New York for a ticket?"

The Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) employs a Points System that tracks high-risk drivers. Based on the severity of a traffic violation, the DMV assigns points to a license, which remain for years. If at any time a driver accumulates 11 points within an 18-month period, he or she may receive a license suspension. A New York City traffic attorney may be able to help reduce these penalties.

Select Violations and Associated Points

Data Source: NYS DMV,  About the NYS Driver Point System

Data Source: NYS DMV, About the NYS Driver Point System

Guide to the Mandatory Fees for New York Traffic Violations

The DMV uses a Driver Assessment Responsibility program, a fee-based system intended to encourage safe driving and discourage chronic violations of traffic rules,. Depending on the nature of a driving-related offense and/or the number of points on a license accumulated, an annual fee is assessed for a period of three years. The DAR is in addition to any other fee, fine, or penalty the driver may be assessed by law.

Data Source: NYS DMV,  Pay Responsibility Driver Assessment

New York State Traffic Violation Surcharge

As a final deterrent, New York State assesses a court surcharge for every traffic violation conviction. If a driver does not contest the ticket or fails to get the ticket dismissed, an automatic surcharge of $88 per violation is assessed for New York City violators and $93 elsewhere in the state.

Insurance and Points from Traffic Violations and Convictions in New York

The last stroke against drivers found guilty or who plead guilty to a traffic violation means that auto insurance premiums may go up. Under New York Insurance Law, Section 2335, insurers are allowed to increase premiums for drivers that accumulate convictions on their license. Increases will vary by insurer.

Enforcement and Defense Strategies

For drivers, fighting a speeding ticket in NYC has become more difficult than ever. The laws are changing, enforcement and penalties increased, and understanding the rules of the court system have become challenges better suited for a local traffic lawyer in New York than a private citizen.

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